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D2: EURO-4 50PPM

Our Diesel 50 ppm is high quality automotive diesel engine fuel, containing less than 0.005 % sulfur, by mass. Lower sulphur levels enable the product compatibility with emission control devices such as catalytic converters and diesel particulate traps designed to operate at this low sulphur level.
Our Diesel 50 ppm fuel is formulated by using intelligent additive technology that maintains diesel engines at their peak design conditions. It also enables improved fuel economy, extended drain intervals and fuel systems protection. Continuous use improves fuel system and injector cleanliness, which helps to increase equipment life, restore and maintain performance while simultaneously reducing exhaust emissions.
Our Diesel 50 ppm fuel contains anti-foam components, which reduce foaming tendencies normally associated with standard diesel. It also provides, cleaner, faster and more efficient refuelling, keeping vehicle and equipment working for longer periods.


While all Diesel Fuel Suppliers offer Ultra Low and Low Sulphur Diesel Gas in stock, Link Petroleum International supplies the best kind available of 10/30/50/500 PPM. Whatever you’re fuel demand, we will organise direct fulfilment from the world’s largest and most reputable suppliers. Contact us for information about supplying your Low Sulphur Diesel Gas needs.

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