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Our company is built on a synergized approach involving the following components


MAGRAZZ INTERNATIONAL TRADING has an efficient and competitive trading desk with extensive knowledge in handling a wide range of petroleum products, with strategic infrastructure of ports, Liquid Terminals, Supply Vessels and operations & trading team and expert to supply any kind of Product to any safe port in the world.


 As a trading house, we have a detailed overview of macro and micro trends. As physical traders, we gain direct experience of economic fundamentals as they play out on the ground.


With our expertise and extensive global network in supply, trading, operations and risk management, we are able to support our customers by optimizing their fuel procurement needs and by working with them to develop strategic solutions


The tank storage facilities are divided into two zones for the loading and unloading of petroleum products, which includes tanks, loading racks and pump installations.

MAGRAZZ INTERNATIONAL TRADING has a range of reliable Partners Tank Farms who receives petroleum products from railways and pipeline into our underground tankers. This warehouse has a platform with drainage devices, pipelines, storage tanks, a pumping station and a platform for delivery of petroleum products. The pumping station is located in a separate heated building, which features a computer room with pump and other devices, as well as billboard space, transfer and ventilation systems.

Our Partners Storage facilities consist of multiple steel standard cylindrical tanks which are arranged horizontally. The device’s and equipment’s allow us to store and discharge of products being transferred to our tank farm by rail, road tankers or pipeline. We provide top quality services and under excellent conditions.

Our customers are rest assured: Our main goal is to provide each customer the optimum conditions of delivery from anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time.


Our comprehensive solutions suite dramatically improves risk mitigation and includes:
    offers a solution that provides advanced analytic and transparent quantification, risks and opportunities, enabling clients to effectively identify and mitigate risk strategies.
  • Global Risk Assessment & Trading MAGRAZZ INTERNATIONAL TRADING
    delivers a solution that manages every step of the trade process. We implement and maintain. Assisting with the implementation of trading processes tackling strategic challenges, to establishing an appropriate governance structure and the required risk methodologies.
  • Regulatory Compliance & Reporting Solutions MAGRAZZ INTERNATIONAL TRADING
    offers a regulatory compliance and reporting solution of international standards, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. Working with financial institutions to ensure that their compliance and governance frameworks, practices and organizations are robust and managed in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and that any compliance issues that arise are addressed quickly, effectively and efficiently.
  • Physical Logistics Planning MAGRAZZ INTERNATIONAL TRADING
    offers comprehensive logistics management, including scheduling and transportation management of vessels.

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